JUNE 17, 2018

No Kidsgate this Sunday (see flyer below)

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Unit 3 Goals:

The goal for this unit is to learn how to find God in our everyday life.  So many times we question whether God is really there, really listening, or really caring.  The Bible tells us over and over that God is really there, does really care, and is really listening, but that it’s up to us to discover Him.  We know that when we call, God answers, but how?  Let’s take some time with our kids and begin breaking down phrases like “hearing God’s voice” in a way that they might understand.  Let’s see how God can talk to us, what we can be doing to listen, and explore the countless ways that God is revealing himself to us on a daily basis.  Let’s teach our families, starting with our children, to take a second, stop and look at the undeniable truth of God’s love in the circumstances that God has placed us in.  This unit is all about breaking down the specific ways that God is asking to be discovered in our everyday life and the purpose is to implore us all to: stop, listen, and be loved.  

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