Meeting Notes

January 18, 2018


  • As you may have seen on FB, Kristi has felt called to move to Catalyst Church in Lynn Haven.  See her FB post for more details or feel free to talk with me personally if you would like to discuss it further.


  • Lance Livingston is in charge of security at Eastgate and wants to run some safety drills in the next few months.  His #1 priority is keeping the kids at our church safe.
  • Please check out the emergency exit map in your classroom.  In case of emergency where you have to leave, check all bathrooms and closets before leaving.  Keep students with you until parents are able to meet with you.


  • Please fill out the questionnaire below.  Kidsgate is able to grow and change because of the feedback we receive.  I promise you WILL NOT hurt my feelings with any negative things you have to  say.  I want to know your honest opinions.  I am not in the classrooms every week, so I am not seeing or experiencing what YOU are experiencing.  I rely heavily on volunteer feedback.


  • Thank you for taking the time to read all this stuff and for volunteering with Kidsgate.  I truly believe that God's kingdom is growing because of your love and the time you sacrifice.
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